“It is important for me to tell you something about the Château Vannières domain. I inherited the passion and respect I have for my vineyards from my grandfather, Lucien Boudot, who bought Château Vannières. It will be inherited by my son, Charles-Eric, who will try to develop the domain and pass it on to the next generation of winemakers, just as my ancestors did for centuries.”
To understand where Château Vannières comes from, it is essential to first mention the terroir of Provence and Bandol, which are characterized by clay-limestone soils, olive trees, cypresses, pines, as well as the huge and blue sea, which is bitten by steep white bays in the background, and wind, the majestic Mistral, which shakes the whole region with its fascinating power.

Then comes the knowledge of the winemaker, who is now me and my son Charles-Eric, who adapted the techniques inherited from our Burgundian ancestors to this much drier and rougher area of Bandol.